I had an affinity for music early in my life.  I was in choir starting in 2nd grade and in the 3rd grade in upstate NY for some reason I wanted to play the tenor saxophone.  In my school district that was not allowed until 5th grade so in 3rd grade my choices were violin or cello…I chose the violin.  In 4th grade the choices were flute or clarinet so I chose clarinet since that instrument used a reed as sax does and once 5th grade rolled around, I picked up the sax as well.  I played clarinet and sax until high school where I dropped the clarinet.  Luckily my music teacher, Dr. Roger Eckers was a talented sax player who played out in town so I took private lessons from him as well.  One of the best lessons he gave me was to go home, turn on the stereo and try to play with whatever I hear.  This really improved my ear and has led me to play with many different types of bands from jazz and rock to ska, jam, punk and funk.  I also was able to sing and rap original songs as well in various bands.  I currently play in a reggae band, a funk band and a band of co-workers from my firm, PwC which is so much fun and enriching.

Hokumfactory is a Brooklyn based funk, soul, world, Hokum music band. Rob has been playing with HokumFactory since 2002.

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Rho & The Nomads is a collection of veteran NYC musicians with a love for groovy world rhythms. The group covers world, reggae, & soul classics and creates original music within these genres. Rob has been playing with Rho and the Nomads since 2016. »
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Rho and the Nomads


People are flowers. Music is water. Musicians are the hose.

—Carlos Santana