I have always had a passion for music and also acting.  I started playing violin at 8 years old, clarinet at 9 and the tenor saxophone at 10…in my school district, it wasn’t allowed to play the sax until 5th grade so this why I had to wait until then.  Around 10 or 11 I was also making cassette taped acting forays with my friend Sean, usually as soldiers but there was much comedy to be had as you can imagine.  I loved the art of portraying someone else as well as expressing myself through music.

During college I was in school jazz bands and I also played tenor sax and sang in a traveling cover band named Nik and the Nice Guys.  This band had sponsors such as Anheuser Busch, Molson and Labatt so I was lucky enough to travel the world and gigs during that time included the Winter Olympics in Calgary, the Anheuser Busch quarterly meetings in St. Louis, Super Bowl parties and hospitality tents in San Diego, CA and Miami, FL as well as corporate gigs in Cancun and St.Thomas, VI.  Here in NYC I have played wedding gigs for this band including a wedding for one of President Bush’s staff members.

Acting wise, I started doing background acting on All My Children and Guiding Light upon moving here to the city.  Other background acting gigs since then have included FBI, Blue Bloods, Law and Order: SVU, Power and Orange is The New Black. Since then I have had lead roles for the US Army, music videos and internet series’ and I have had stand in roles on the Tracy Morgan series, The Last OG and also on the Oscar winning Jordan Peele film, Get Out.

Musically, here in NYC I currently play in a funk band named, Hokumfactory, and a reggae band named, Rho & the Nomads in which a couple of members have grammy awards of their own.  I also play in a cover band with coworkers of my day job with PricewaterhouseCoopers and in the last couple of years, we have opened for Tina Fey and Keenan Thompson.

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Water has always held a special place in my heart. In being born on the shores of Newport, RI I feel that I will always be called to it and its inviting nature. Oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers bring scores of people together and provide solace to not only humans but wildlife as well. I thank the heavens for the peace it brings me when embraced by its arms.